YOHOBOX is the best new friend that kids have been waiting for! Subscribe to the award winning Subscription Gift Box and give the kids each month an exciting fun box full of delightful surprises which will make them feel…


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YOHOBOX is Fun Learning Activity Boxes for Kids – age 4~12 Yrs  the best new friend that kids have been waiting for! Subscribe to the award winning Subscription Gift Box and give the kids each month an exciting fun box full of delightful surprises which will make them feel…

 All our products are sourced by Experts, curated by crafting Enthusiasts, tested by Kids and approved by Parents.

Want to keep your child constructively engaged?

S No.YOHOBOX CategoriesYOHOBOX CategoriesQty in box
1Hands-on ActivitiesDIY Kit & Creative Craft Kit01 of each
2BookStorybook/Educational or Activity Book01 or 02 pc
3Educational GameLearning and Development Game01 pc
4Lifestyle productFashion/Accessory or Hygiene product01 pc
5SnacksHealthy Snacks or Candies01 or 02 pcs
6Collectible ItemExciting Collectible or Novelty Item01 or 02 pcs


  1. Hands-on Activity Kits – (DIY Kit & Creative Craft Kit):
    We have developed Smart Hands on DIY Kits & Creative Craft Activites, that makes learning FUN, the activities are engagement driven that link theory to practical logic which makes the children smarter and develop your child’s logical thinking & observation skills. The projects are carefully chosen to be a lot of fun and children are drawn to them naturally. All our creative craft activities are Curated by experts, Approved by crafting enthusiasts and Tested by kids.
S No.Skills & FeaturesDescription
1UniquenessHigh-quality engagement driven, Fun-filled, age-appropriate activities, can be played solo or with partner/small group
2TypesThe Multiple Intelligence Theory, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
3Progressive LevelsAge-appropriate simple play & learn activities
4IncludesDIY Kit: based on STEM or Multiple Intelligence Theory

Creative Craft:
Painting, Colouring, Modelling sets, Collage sets, etc.

5Enhances & helps the childAlong with a lot of fun enriches the 16+1 keys development areas,
Stimulates body and mind, inspires innovative approach, Enhances Spatial Awareness, Cognitive Skills, Develops Analytical Intelligence, Improves Practical Intelligence, Enhances Creative Intelligence, Creates increased Awareness, Inspires discussions and questioning, Builds stronger fundamentals and Scientific temperament.
6EngagementChild: The child in approx. 30-45 mins of creative playtime is encouraged to take on hands-on activities.
Parent: 20 mins of parental involment & guidance


  1. Book – (Storybook/Educational or Activity Book):
    Children are fascinated by the wonderful world we live in. They love asking questions and are always excited to learn about the things they see around them. Kids also tend to associate with characters and get attached to them and tend to remember the story and do role plays. Our expert team of advisors have ensured to introduce your child to the delightful journey of learning as they have the working experience both with children and with children’s publishers over years.
S No.Skills &


1UniquenessAge-appropriate books handpicked by experts from top Indian and International publishers
(i) STEM concepts: through stories and adventures, they help explain and the children are thrilled and engaged
(ii) Everyday Facts, Knowledge, Vocabulary, Worksheets.
2TypesEducational fun books, Bedtime Storybooks, Travel and Adventure Storybooks,
3Progressive LevelsEarly years simple stories, Interactive, Explorers
4IncludesExamples of topics includes:
i) STEM concepts such as lifecycles, habitats, how machines work, etc.
ii) Good Habits & Values series with activities.
iii) Tell me why series
iv) Science concept series: Explorer Series,
5Enhances & helps the childEnhances kids communication skills, improves language development, increases their IQ and memory, cognitive & motor skill.
6EngagementThe child in a approx. 30-45 mins storytime is engrossed and enjoys reading
  1. Educational Game – (Learning and Development Game):
    Children love games and want to build a story on the outline, our expert team of advisors have ensured to develop perfect Learning and Development Games/Toys with endless fun for children. The attractive games have an amazing variety and have lots of permutations and combinations which can be played over and over again.
S No.Skills &


1UniquenessHigh quality Fun-filled, age-appropriate games, can be played solo, with small groups or large groups.
2TypesBoard Games, Puzzles, Card Games, Dice Games, Skill Games, Strategy Games
3Progressive LevelsSimple fun game, Challenger series, Fast paced games
4IncludesNature & Wildlife, World Marvels, Travel, Sports, Flags, Foods, Animals, Currencies, Monuments.
5Enhances & helps the childAlong with fun, Focus on visual coordination, Builds on cognitive skills which help develop planning, strategy, persistence, and critical thinking skills, Imagination, Creativity, Speed, Reasoning
6EngagementThe child in a approx. 30 mins playtime gets engaged holistically
  1. Lifestyle product – (Fashion, Accessories or Hygiene products):
    Receive and enjoy unique lifestyle products for kids. The products that will excite even parents.
S No.Skills &


1UniquenessQuality products from brands that your kids want to have.
2ItemsFull-sized, premium products that are chosen with teens/tweens in mind.
3IncludesAcross fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more. Products giving the child more happiness than money can buy.
4BenefitsProducts are inspiring, and uplifting — encouraging the children to be their best self.
5EngagementEncourage new ways of thinking about happiness


  1. Snacks (Healthy Snacks/Candies):
    At YOHOBOX we carefully select healthy eating options for all our YOHOites! The products are 100% natural, ready-to-eat healthy vegetarian packaged snacks. The snacks offer a perfect blend of both unmatched taste and nutrition as no sugar or preservatives are added.
S No.Skills &


1UniquenessHigh-quality Healthy Eatables, Packed with nutrients, No preservatives, No artificial flavors, No added sugar, No concentrates and oodles of yumminess along with it.
2VarietyMade from Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains in different flavors, sweet treats
3TypesPuffs, Crunchies, Roasted
4ServingsEquals to 2/4 servings or bars
5Benefits & helps the childHigh in protein & energy, since there is no junk the snacks improves digestion, regulates sugar levels and amplifies your child’s immunity!
6EngagementWholesome mid-meal munchies for all day long.
  1. Collectibles (Exciting Collectible or Novelty items):
    They receive cool collectibles their friends will be jealous of and much more that they won’t find anywhere else.

No question the child years are filled with change and drama. The coolest collectibles are gifts that nobody else has.

S No.Skills &


1UniquenessHandpicked collectible and other quality items to maximize value and fun.
2TypesUnique, Iconic & quirky novelty items.
3IncludesUseful cool new items that you’ve probably never seen before.
4Enhances & helps the childEncourage new ways of thinking about happiness


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