Subscriptions, these are the trends that deserve a new lease of life!

Confused? Don’t know what to wear and which accessories to pick? Wondered, how to stand out in the crowd for your sheer presence? Do you always forget to stock up on new socks or under wears? Don’t have enough grooming essentials on hand?

Sometimes, having an expert curates the right things for you, can make buying a whole lot easier. And that’s exactly where subscriptions comes into picture. Subscription services have sprouted up everywhere to rescue you from confusion and supply the shopping-weary with everything you need for a well-groomed day-to-day. Aimed at alleviating the task of regular online shopping or the pain of crowded stores, these mail-delivered boxes are delightful and exciting!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself (go ahead!) or are gifting for that special guy in your life we’ve got you covered. From shirt to socks and stylish accessories; here are the best subscription boxes for men that will help you look your best for every occasion and will suit every lifestyle!



“Clothing is a form of self-expression. There are hints about who you are in what you wear” ~ Marc Jacobs

The way men dress is slowly getting more colorful, more adventurous and less constrained by old rules and dress codes.

Krate, a menswear subscription box offer a wide apparel combination from trendy to business type. The point is, there are different items of clothing best suited to different occasions. This timeless piece serves as a sartorial building block that works for a range of dress code, it have clothes for night-outs, leisure, travelling, work and what not!

Want to try new trends, new colors, new shapes and cuts to look impeccable? Explore Now!!

Price: 1498 for 1 month



“Wear the right underwear for the right occasion!!”

Out of all the clothes this layer is the most invisible, purely functional items of them all. So, this clothing beneath the trouser and pants are equally important. Not just to feel or look but also for your physical health.

Buttalk, is an underwear subscription box which have fun, fashionable and functional underwear. It consists of all styles of underwear i.e. trunks, boxers, briefs and nasty ones too. Personal stylist picks and curates underwear specifically for you based on your preferences to spice up wardrobes with epic underwear!

Want to understand your underwear better? Explore Now!!

Price: 999 for 1 month



“Menswear is about subtlety. It’s about good style and good taste”  ~ Alexander McQueen

As with the endless cycle of clothing that comes back into the spotlight, there is room once more for the humble organic piece.

Northmist, is a premium quality organic cotton t-shirts subscription box. This is one wonder garment that works across the whole spectrum of social settings. It offers premium quality, soft and the most durable 100% organic cotton t-shirts for today’s men without compromising on fashion. Wear it to the office, wear it at the pub, wear it at a wrestling match, wear it to meet the Queen, wear it anywhere you want. With all of its different variations, the shirt is without a doubt the most versatile article of dress to wear.

Want to convey yourself more beautifully in your comfortable t-shirt? Explore Now!!

Price: 1799 for 1 month (pack of 2 Polo’s)



“Grooming is the secret of real elegance .The best clothes, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming.” ~Christian Dior

Men continue to embrace grooming in all its forms, with no slowdown in sight.

A man uses more than a single block of soap on his face and body.

Eyecrush, is a sunglasses and grooming essential subscription box. It offers variety of shades, which have been designed to be stylish, convenient and fun. It also gives wide range of grooming essential helps to brush you up from head to toe.

Want to get noticed for your style? Explore Now!!

Price: 699 for 1 month



“Life is too short to wear boring white socks!”

Socks are there lurking at the bottom of the trousers, unassuming and almost secretive. It show off one’s individuality, personality and attitude.

The Moja club is sock subscription box, in this you will get madness in the pretty package with a pair of innovative and creative socks each month. They have wide range of socks with merely every color and prints under the sun. From serious motifs to just something comical.  Explore Now!!

Price: 339 for 1 month



“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” ~ Bo Derek

Scriberr is one-stop solution for your fashion and grooming needs!

There is lot more to explore on Scriberr, India’s premium marketplace with wide range of subscription boxes. From beauty basics to fashionable underwear, gourmet snacks to funky socks, kid activity products to momma’s accessories there’s something for every kind!!


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