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Style n Youth is all about luxury skin care products and natural face massagers.  Jade rollers and guasha tools help with relieving facial tension, reducing eye puffiness, relaxation and improving lymphatic flow throughout the body.   jade roller is a modern face lifting device that is very accessible and easy to use without much practice. You can start right away. Simply move the natural face lift tool to the area you want to massage and roll the tool across that area.

Face rolling or using guasha is a natural way of massaging your face at home, without using fingers. They open up the skin tissues and improve blood circulation, if done with the right pressure. There is a prominent increase in skin blood flow after applying a massage roller on the face. Face rollers to reduce puffiness, specifically around the eyes. Puffiness in the face mostly It Increases Blood Circulation & collagen in your Face, Also,  Renews the Cells ,and helps in reducing puffiness around Eyes, Rollers and Guasha helps to tightens  skins.

Facial Serums will helps to fight with signs of ageing, diminishes fine lines, age spots and fatigue. It Promotes microcirculation, skin healing and rejuvenation,. It Increases blood Circulation & collagen in your Skin. We have serums infused with Vitamin C which hydrates skin, fades hyperpigmentation, reduces redness and gives even skin, also promotes production of collagens. Also we have Serums infused with Hyaluronic Acid It helps to fight with signs of ageing, also helps to reduce blemishes, scars and fineliness. also revitalizes the outer layer of the skin so to make you look softer, smoother, glowing.



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