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Snackible is a healthy snacks company bidding to revolutionise the snacking industry, by delivering unique, healthy, and tasty snacks, anywhere in India!

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Flavored Dry Fruit - Choose your Own Flavors Gift Boxes Exclusively Crafted and Thoughtfully Combined by Ottimohub

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Tasty & Healthy Gourmet Snacks subscription box. 

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Gourmet Desserts (Vegan & Eggless) Ready Mixes.  Using Premium Cocoa & Pure Chocolate. 100% Preservative Free. Indulge, Everyday!

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Floured Dryfruit  Subscriptions

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Popped Potato Chips - 50% less Fat, 100% Tasty

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Functional Chocolate

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Natural Premium Ayurvedic Beverages

Are you planning to eat healthy snacks, but you're wondering how and when you're going to get them? Are you super busy to cook and have healthy food and therefore you end up eating junk or not so healthy food all the time? If so, the monthly food subscription boxes are the perfect answer. Satisfy your hunger with our monthly food subscription box. Below, you'll find some of our favorite, most popular, and most satisfying monthly subscription boxes food worth a try this year. Get healthy, full- snacks and products delivered on a monthly basis. Best of all, there are four boxes to choose from – classic, low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free. Binge on healthy snacks without worrying about weight gain. You can also customize your box according to your needs. The ones trying to skip their meals to lose weight, these snack boxes could also come handy to you as your meal subscription box. How great is that? There is also a cooking subscription box for all those who love to cook and bake. Vegan cookies, vegan cakes & mug cakes, that can be instantly cooked in just 1 min. These are all Gourmet Desserts Ready Mixes that are vegan and egg-less. There are various variety of snacks available like Brown rice chips, Ragi chips, Makhanas, Chiptole, energy bars, flavored dry fruits, fruit chips and seed mixes. Healthy & delicious drinks to boost your immunity and keep you safe from any kind of viral disease. You can subscribe to all these monthly food subscription boxes weekly, monthly and yearly. Explore all the food subscription boxes here. Order a food subscription box today and get it delivered to your every month on your asked date.