Attention ladies!

Glamorous, trendy, stylish, fabulous! Who doesn’t love being that? Somewhere ladies compromise on the dressing table products because quality products ask you to shed money.

That’s exactly where Subscription boxes come into the picture.

 Now you can get high-quality products at very affordable prices!

Here are a few of the best subscription boxes which have been hand-picked and curated for you to battle the scorching heat:

 5. Swaginoor

(Price: ₹ 349/month & ₹ 1047/3 months | Products worth: ₹ 600/month)

No. of Products: 4

Healthy and glowing skin is a blessing and guess what? Swaginoor is literally that box of joy for you ladies!

Swaginoor gives hand-picked curated sheet mask of different brands.

It helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin and controls moisture, excess oil and helps in cleaning pores and toning the skin.

Glow! Radiate! Shine!

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4. Reverie Box

gift for mothers day

(Price: ₹ 990/month & ₹ 2970/3 months | Products worth: ₹ 2799/month)

No. of Products: 3

Reverie box is a premium organic skin care Subscription box.

The products are carefully hand pick which is chemical free ( parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates) and no animal testing.

The box has 2 natural & organic products plus 1 bonus item

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3. Lujo Box

(Price: ₹ 650/month & ₹ 1900/3 months | Products worth: ₹ 750/month)

No. of Products: 7

This box is full of glamorous products. It is a blend of makeup, skincare, haircare and much more!

The summer edition highlights are:

(a) Seer Secrets Body Lotion with a good fragrance to soothe your skin in hot and dry summers

(b) Honey Dew Face Scrub to give your skin a gold charm as it sops up oil, clears acne, tightens skin, helps fade scarring, and exfoliates. Time to bid adieu to pimples and acne, the biggest foe a woman has!

What else is in there?  How about exploring Lujo Box subscription box now?

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2. The Natures Co Beauty Wish Box

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Subscription Box

(Price: ₹ 845/month | Products worth: ₹ 2150/month)

No. of Products: 5

A subscription box full of natural and luxurious products for your summers! Wish Box is everything a lady could wish for. A bundle of joy consisting of face wash, face gel, shaving cream, lotion, and lip butter.

The highlights of this subscription box are:

(a) Satsoma-Mandarin Oil-Free Hydro Face Gel– which will keep your skin moistened in these blistering summers and

(b) Limoncello Brightening Face Wash with ingredients such as lemon, aloe-vera treating sunburn and lightening dark spots.

Also, you get a fruit slice coaster worth ₹ 150 totally free!

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1. EyesCrush

Eyecrush Subscription Box

(Price: ₹ 699/month & ₹ 1950/3 months | Products worth: ₹ 3895/month)

No. of Products: 8

Eyescrush is India’s first eye-wear brand with the aim of offering international quality eye-wear at an affordable price. It is one of the best value subscription boxes offered by us which is a box full of variety, from sunglasses to your face packs!

Our summer highlights have:

(a) 18 varieties of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight and at the same time give you a voguish look and

(b) The second highlight is Bella Vita Organic Eyes Cream Gel to improve the look of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and a crepe-like texture.

Are you not curious to know what’s more in this box?

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Scriberr is India’s first Subscription Box Marketplace!

We offer subscription boxes for men, women, kids, books, etc…

There’s a lot more on Scriberr.

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