Popped Potato Chips – 50% less Fat, 100% Tasty


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TagZFoods – Popped Potato Chips – 50% less Fat


Know the Flavors of TagZFoods

Salt Trippin’ – Potato Chips  Potato Wafers chips
He’s d dude U’ll want to go out on a road trip wid. . U’ll ask him to come along even on ur solo trip. Bike trips widout him wud b incomplete.. Ur perfect companion fr every kind of trip except fr a guilt trip 🤪 Coz d dude is more dan 50% less fat. .

Masala Trekkin’ – Potato Chips  Potato Wafers
Say hello 2 d queen of drama n spice. Adventure is her middle name n U’ll taste dat ven she tingles ur taste buds. D high notes of her masala on ur tongue will remind u of d high altitude treks which she loves. D one thing she is low on – Fat! More than 50% less fat. 💪

Cream Onion Divin’ – Potato Chips  Potato Wafers
The coolest one of d lot – Cream Onion Divin’ aka Mx COD! Ze chooses to click on the ‘Prefer not to disclose’ button on d form which asks fr gender. Ze loves deep sea diving n d riot of colours under d calmness of d sea. Mx COD is smooth – yet a riot of flavourful aroma underneath Indulge ur luv fr chips wid a pack of hirs guilt-free 50% less fat crunchiness!


They are Not fried, Not roasted, Gluten free , Low calorie, 50%Less Fat  ,Never Fried Never Baked ,No Artificial Flavors ,No Artificial Colors ,No Preservatives ,No Trans Fat ,No Cholesterol ,No Palm Oil ,No Gluten




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