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Best pregnancy products now delivered in a trimester gift box! Pamper the mama-to-be with 7-8 premium, natural and pregnancy safe goodies as per the trimester needs. We hope to make the journey to mamahood, blossom.


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  • All Three Trimister
  • First Trimester (0-3 Months Pregnancy)
  • Second Trimester (3-6 Months Pregnancy)
  • Third Trimester (6-9 Months Pregnancy)

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Disclaimer: All the products are Pregnancy safe & 100% Natural Products. We suggest you consult your health practitioner prior to use.

100% Natural Products – We fetched the nature’s best for you and your bunny inside
Pregnancy Safe – Absolutely safe for mama-to-be but always consult your doctor
Handpicked – Thoughtfully handpicked after speaking to over 100 expecting moms and over 20 Gynaecologists
Full-sized Products – Lasts long enough for the optimum trimester needs
Premium Brands – High-quality products with full proof packaging
Made in India – Pre-curated with love in India

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We heard your bunny’s on the way. Overwhelmed with the variety of pregnancy products available around? We’ve got you covered. We bring you thoughtfully pre-curated pregnancy boxes containing 7-8 goodies per trimester for a hassle-free journey till the due date

Know whats In Each Box :

First Trimester Box  ( Trimester 1 Box ) :

Trimester 1 is a such an exciting part of the pregnancy! Knowing you are having your first second or even third baby is ecstatic, but at times, the morning sickness and mood swings can be a bit overwhelming. We want you to give your pregnancy a flying start and have selected some special products that a few moms-to-be in India swore by, with an emphasis on early symptoms of pregnancy. PISIX Nausea Band: Feeling nauseous all through the day?

 PISIX nausea band wear it on your wrist and bid goodbye to uneasiness. The drug free band cures the nausea naturally by working on a clinically proven principle.

Pregnancy Journal: Your pregnancy is a God’s miracle, make this informative journal help you document the moments of this extraordinary journey to motherhood, that otherwise can never be captured using smartphones. Jot down your pregnancy thoughts while you can!

Kronokare Nourish Body Lotion: The body and belly need to be nourished, even before the itch/crack begins to develop. The sweet concoction of Beetroot extracts and grapefruit essential oils restore the moisture and elasticity for you to rejoice the natural glow. Rub it in yourself to experience a truly nourished belly skin prepped to be grown into a blossoming baby bump.

Mason & Co. Dark Drinking Chocolate: The food cravings for bitter sweet seem familiar from the pre-pregnancy period days! We bring you rich, pure and delicious drinking chocolate from Mason & Co. made with 100% organic cacao powder blended with only organic cane sugar. Experience the delicious and authentic drinking chocolate that is free from any chemical processing and hear the baby inside say “It’s yummy in tummy, mama”.

Belly Stickers: Your belly is such a big canvas! What better occasion to record the growing belly? Go, get creative with our easy to flaunt belly stickers.

Pregnancy Announcement Letter Board : Too many thoughts in your mind? Give pregnancy anxiety some break! Let the board do the talking while you have some fun posting on social media.

Surprise Element: Know it when you unbox it. (Hint: the whole family’s having a baby)

Second Trimester Box ( Trimester 2)  

Trimester 2, better known as the honeymoon phase of pregnancy, brings the new set of excitement and proves to be the best time to embrace new found energy (even though feeling fatigue is the new normal). We have procured some fabulous products tailored specifically for this stage of pregnancy. Get going and order the Trimester 2 essentials for that seamless transition to the next trimester!

The Moms Co. Body Butter: Keep the belly itch at bay by using The Moms Co. toxin-free rich combination of cocoa and shea butter with moisturizing oils that increase skin’s natural elasticity, providing comfort to body itching in pregnancy. Preggos, stretch your hand and butter that belly.

Conscious Food Ginger Drops: Don’t let frequent heartburn hinder your sleep at night! The Conscious food ginger drops are made from natural ginger oil and can be taken as a sweet or added to the cup of hot water to make an instant ginger tea, known to relieve acid regurgitation as well as aid digestion

Enn’s Closet Lip Scrub: Use the delicious Enns closet Lip scrub, Kandy floss and get rid of the dry and dead skin cells making your lips look chapped. Prep your lips with a buff and polish because you wouldn’t want to not pout in your selfies with the new addition

Organic Bath Bombs: Make your baths fuzzy and soothing with the organic bath bombs with Epsom salt and essential oils, known to soothe the body swelling. Drop it in your bucket or bathtub to experience the calmness much needed in your pregnancy days

Pregnancy Journal: Your pregnancy is a God’s miracle, make this informative journal help you document the moments of this extraordinary journey to motherhood, that otherwise can never be captured using smartphones. Jot down your pregnancy thoughts while you can!

Just Herbs Soap Bar: Give your mood swings, pregnancy anxiety, and dry itchy skin the much-needed therapy with Just Herbs Wild Indian Rose handmade bathing bar. The rose with ‘hundred petals’ is known to be a great emotional stimulant, mind pacifier and skin nurturer, making it a perfect product for moms-to-be

Surprise Element: Know it when you unbox it. (Hint: the whole family’s having a baby)

Third Trimester Box ( Trimester 3)

Trimester 3 is when the anxiousness soars high leaving the pregnant you lethargic and exhausted. The growing belly not only aches your back but also makes simple walk, an act of balancing. This is where we help you take a load off so you can completely focus on getting some much needed rest and relaxation.

The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oil: Bid the stretch marks adieu as you leave the pregnancy phase with The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oil, a non-greasy toxin-free combination of 7 powerful oils like Seabuckthorn, Rosehip, Almond, Jojoba, Extra Virgin olive oil and natural Vitamin E that deeply nourish the itchy, stretching belly, breasts and hips.

Skin Marigold Foot Soak: They don’t call ‘elephant feet’ for nothing! Soak your swollen feet in the tub of lukewarm water with a small handful of foot salt, for 10-12 minutes. Let the goodness of marigold, coconut oil and sea salt work their magic to attain relaxed, moisturized and itch-free feet instantly.

Mummy Feet Maternity Stockings: Bearing foot pain making your pregnancy more difficult? Wearing a specialized compression socks- Mummy Feet Maternity Stockings during pregnancy is medically effective way to relieve your tired, aching, heavy and swollen feet, often leading to venous problems. The massaging effect helps easing the normal blood flow further reducing the possibility of Pregnancy Varicoses.

Enn’s Closet Sculpt Anti-Pigmentation Face Mask: They said pregnancy makes your skin glow, but no one told you about pigmentation due to hormonal imbalance! The Enn’s Closet Sculpt Anti-pigmentation mask delivers cell-level cleansing and deep-layer nourishment and hydration for your otherwise dry and pigmented skin.

The Moms Co. Tea For Acidity Relief: Horrible heartburn and indigestion? Don’t take it to your heart. The Moms Co. Tea for Acidity Relief is an herbal blend of Chamomile Flowers, Lemon Balm, Peppermint Leaves and Blackcurrant leaves helps ease heartburn and calms the digestive system. Don’t go Burp! Burp! Just go Sip! Sip!

Maeva Baby Shower Scented Tin Candle (Sweet Macaroon): Celebrate the coming of baby with sweet macaroon aroma of joy spreading across the room. Light the candle and let the world know, ‘Baby’s arriving soon’.

Surprise Element:  Know it when you unbox it. (Hint: the whole family’s having a baby)



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