Different Subscription Boxes in India

Subscription Boxes are no more an elite’s dream or a girly passion to have. Subscription Boxes have evolved themselves from being surprise elements to please subscribers to Utility Boxes that come in all shapes and sizes and for people of all ages and sex, even your kids, and your beloved pets.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Men’s Subscription Boxes: Grooming of men in the 21st century has become one of the most critical aspects of being a complete man and Subscription Boxes have taken the concept to a whole new level with Men Grooming Products, Formal Shirts and even set of T-shirts delivered to your doorstep every month. Gone are the days when gifting your father, brother, husband or son used to be a tedious affair.

Women’s Subscription Boxes: Women undoubtedly, are the largest consumers of Subscription Boxes and the wide range of Boxes available for the genre is proof enough. Subscription Box owners have come up with ideas galore to woo the females to subscribe to goodies, either hand-picked or surprise, from the comfort of their sofa. Women Subscription Boxes range from Jewelry to Lingerie and from Cosmetics to Herbal Products.   

Kid’s Subscription Boxes: Possibly the most innovative of all genres in the Subscription Box industry, Kids have their own array of Subscription Boxes to look forward to. Subscription Boxes in this genre come with different values and purposes, primarily focusing on the learning processes of a kid in their developmental years. These boxes come with fun games and projects that involve a kid in mind games, soft skill enhancement and developing focus rather than handing mobile phones to them at a very tender age.

Food Subscription Boxes: One of the fastest growing trends in the nation today, the number of Subscribers subscribing to Food Subscription Boxes is increasing by leaps and bounds. From healthy daily food regime to chocolates delivered every month, from regulated evening snack for gym freaks to cakes in all their glory, Food Subscribers surely are having a blast, at least in their tummy.

Book Subscription Boxes: In efforts to cater to one of the adept consumer circle of any age group and to rejuvenate a trend that’s fading away by the day, subscribing to Books can be a welcome break from your daily hassles. From recycling used books to delivering new sets of books at your doorsteps, Book Subscription Box owners are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to make the most of the papered treasure available to us.

Pet Subscription Box: Pet Subscription Boxes have become more of a Utility option instead of being a Subscription option because of the rare and useful items it has in store. Bring in a box for your pet every month, and you have all the necessities to address its health, fitness and at times, even daily food. Pet-lovers are embracing Subscription Boxes with open arms, because why not.

The list of Subscription Boxes are endless, the genres are numerous and the tastes are ever-changing. But, we are sure you find yourself in one of the above-mentioned categories.  

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