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Lady Raga

High-end beauty Products & Fashion accessories that match your lifestyle.

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1) The products may involve the combination of jewellery, lifestyle, beauty products and other fashion accessories along with a Surprise gift.
2) Subscribers will receive 3 to 5 sample or full sized products from reputed national and international brands.
3) Please write to us for any further queries on help@scriberr.in

Each month, Lady Raga sends you high-end beauty products varying from beauty care to eye-catching fashion accessories that match your lifestyle. If you are fond of buying beauty products and fashion accessories, but tired of the hassle of going to the stores every time you wanted to try out a new moisturizer, eyeliner, fragrance, jewelry etc. or if you are fed up of buyer’s remorse (paying for expensive beauty products that did not live up to your expectations until you got home and tried them on) and always feeling like you are six months behind the latest trends. If you are always looking for a better way then don’t wait, now there is way out of all these hassles for you. Yes, your guess is right- Its L a d y R a g a !!. Lady Raga is the best way to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle products.With Lady Raga, for each month you’ve paid upfront for, you’ll receive three to five sample and/or full-size surprises ranging from beauty products, jewelry, lifestyle and other fashion accessories at your door steps to pamper yourself and beautify your wardrobe

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