Fububox curates the most ideal pop up books suited for your kid.

Give the gift of books to your kids

Baby Fubu Box(Age 0-2Yrs)Toddler Fubu Box (Age2-4)Early Reader Fububox (Ages 4-6)
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Fububox recommends parents to read aloud or let their child read alone. Perfect topics inspire new readers .Reading from childhood helps in raising a reader .

Features of Fubu Box

  • Fubu box comes with 2-3 exclusive picture books of international renowned authors and a surprise gift curated & handpicked specifically for your child keeping in mind the child age.
  • The Book Images shown are just a few examples of the books you could receive.
  • Each Book is beautifully wrapped as a present inside the box with a personalised note for the child
  • Exclusive International Picture Books for Early Readers

Fububox is here to nourish your curious young minds with a delectable mix of books from across the globe. Every meal is cooked with the choicest of words, thoughtful pictures and lots of love. So just check this worry off the incessant to do list of your kids and watch their curiosity flourish in this incredible world of books.

Reading is undoubtedly the most enriching habit you can inculcate in a child and when started early, it provides the perfect stimuli to these imaginative minds, to grow up into limitless thinkers.

We are sure you must have a couple of board books gifted by friends and relatives. You’ve read them to your kids night after night and now you want new ones, So what do you do? You hop on to the closest book store that stocks limited options or log on to a website that has millions of them. Your choice is between underwhelming and overwhelming. That’s where Fububox comes in. We are your child’s personal book curator. A box made of pure joy.

Fububox is a subscription model that curates the most ideal books suited for your kid. Our choices are driven by your little one’s interests and a panel of esteemed experts. Specifically focusing on the early brain development, stimulating their thinking with every carefully picked book.


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Baby Fubu Box(Age 0-2Yrs), Toddler Fubu Box(Age2-4), Early Reader Fububox(Ages 4-6)

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Three Months, Six Months, Twelve Months

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