Box Fetish

A Subscription box for beauty products ranging from makeup to skin care.

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1) Share your beauty preferences at checkout page to receive products based on your preferences.
2) With each box we pamper you and shower you with beauty products that become must haves in your beauty regime.
3) Subscriptions purchased or claimed after the 31st of the month will receive next month’s selection as their first delivery.
4) We dispatch the boxes in 2 lots. One lot before the 15th of the month and the other in the second half of the month
5) Shipping charges additional.
6) COD charges Rs 75  additional
7) Order once placed cannot be canceled
8) For any further questions please write to


Cosmetics and women are the same sides of a coin. Neither can do without the other. Whether it is making up for everyday use or the glamorous look created for a festival, we use and need makeup as a necessity today.

The want of having to explore newer brands and investing regularly in products that enhance your beauty made them come together and thus was born Box Fetish.  A constant supply of beauty products ranging from makeup to skin care.

What more can you ask for when all you have to do is wish for it. This box is a personalizes your very own box which will give you an opportunity to explore, experiment and own some of the best products from Internationally acclaimed luxury brands. Box Fetish specializes in personalized beauty boxes. So let it be the next gift for your loved ones or even corporate gifting solutions for all the women you know!


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