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Hey santa there is a point where i have to choose between my ex and my boyfriend and the difference is that i and my ex both know that we love each other and i dont even love my boyfriend!i think i will have to choose one!it's Hard 😔

need to plan to yo to gym santa everytime it got delaying

Dear Santa, Give me strength to live my life without cell phone.i want to spend quality time with my child and hubby..

dear santa, want to live life without cell phones. need a happy life with everyone around and not with pubgs, blue whales and alexa's.

I want an iphone i really need it please give me it a humble request

Make my life without any disturbance.i want to live peaceful life pls

I want to to be early person and I will reduce my wait.

I want to be an early person, i wanna wake up early and make my day more productive and give importance to self care instead of caring others before myself.

Make protection to all women please

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